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Anti-Money Laundering

AML procedures prevent criminal money laundering, complying with these laws help prevent illegally obtained money from entering the financial system.

  • In today's global business landscape, institutions face the critical challenge of complying with AML obligations.
  • Institutions are considered as gatekeepers and responsible for complying with AML regulations.
  • Failure to comply with AML regulations can lead to hefty fines and damage to a company’s reputation.
  • A solid AML policy prevents you from engaging with clients with criminal activities, preserving the integrity of the financial sector.
The search for laundered money

Innovative compliance software

We pioneer compliance solutions tailored to diverse AML and WTT 2018 mandates, simplifying intricate KYC and CDD needs for effortless risk mitigation.

  • We develop innovative compliance software for all Anti-Money Laundering obligated institutions.
  • We believe that compliance should be simple with specialized software for unique KYC and CDD requirements.
  • The importance of CDD in AML, which involves assessing the risk profile of the client to prevent illicit financial activities.
  • The importance of KYC in AML, which involves verifying client data, establish profiles and detect suspicious behavior.
Innovative software tying all compliance needs together

Integrity of the financial system

We strive to assist financial institutions in complying with the EU AML directive and the CTF regulation.

  • By developing innovative SaaS solutions we make a contribution to the integrity of the financial system.
  • We provide AML-obligated institutions with the tools they need to prevent and detect financial crime.
  • We make compliance easier and more efficient, by helping institutions fulfilling their legal and regulatory obligations.
  • We assist gatekeepers in complying with AML/CTF regulations, allowing them to prioritize their core activities.
Protecting the integrity of the financial system

Our solutions.


  • Single screening
  • Continuous screening
  • Sanctions, PEP and ICIJ
  • CPI scores, tax jurisdictions and FATF listed countries
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Transaction monitoring

  • Up-to-date transaction profiles
  • Coverage of 2200+ bank connections
  • Import CSV
  • Planned and processed transactions
  • Real-time and batch monitoring
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  • Transaction monitoring
  • Create client acceptance files
  • Reporting
  • Audit trail
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Minimise risk. Be compliant.

We automate your compliance

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