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Single screening

Fill in the details of the party. Check the party's presence on any of the lists directly.

Continuous screening

Save a party to the database. See immediately on your dashboard when new potential matches are found.

Quickly screen potential clients

You can quickly check a single party against your selected lists with only a few clicks. No longer are manual checks and web searches necessary.

  • Check against the most common lists at once with our AI-driven algorithms.
  • Discover further details regarding any potential matches and the reasons for their inclusion on the lists.
  • Avoid doing business with sanctioned persons or legal entities.
  • Substantiate your adherence to the anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing requirements.
Performing a single screening

Continuously screen your clients without effort

Your saved parties will be screened automatically every day. You will be informed if any new matches are found.

  • Add aliases to take into account different spellings and nicknames.
  • Enhance screening by including more details like countries of residence, dates of birth, or incorporation dates.
  • Use our convenient overview of newly found screening results to get a handle on the possibility of missing new sanctions.
  • Be aware of any special status that a party's associated country may have.
Adding a party to the database

Classify potential matches

Streamline your screening process and know when you need to take action. With little effort, quickly screen parties, and instantly be notified of risks.

  • Quickly and accurately classify and investigate potential matches.
  • Continue your research at the official source of the list.
  • Mitigate risks by substantiating your classification and adding an extra motivation if necessary.
  • Increase operational efficiency by automating your screening process.
The overview page of a potentional match

Many supported lists

The most common sanction lists are checked by our screening technology, but we also support additional lists. Furthermore, we give you information on relevant countries, such as CPI rankings, EU non-cooperative tax jurisdictions, FATF jurisdictions under increased monitoring, and high-risk third countries.

Name Type
Dutch sanction list Sanction
EEAS Consolidated List Sanction
French registre national des gels Sanction
Interpol red notices Sanction
OFAC Consolidated list Sanction
OFAC Specially Designated National (SDN) list Sanction
Trade Gov Consolidated Screening List Sanction
United Nations Security Council Consolidated List Sanction
CIA Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) list PEP
LittleSis PEP list PEP
ICIJ Bahamas Leaks ICIJ
ICIJ Offshore Leaks ICIJ
ICIJ Panama Papers ICIJ
ICIJ Pandora Papers ICIJ
ICIJ Paradise Papers ICIJ
LittleSis Powerful Organizations list Other
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